Clements, K., Pawlowski, J., & Manouselis, N. (2015). Open educational resources repositories literature review – towards a comprehensive quality approaches framework. Computers in Human Behavior, 51, 1098–1106.


Researchers systematically analyzed technology-enhanced learning literature as it relates to learning object repositories (LOR). LORs have been expanding in number and scale with the growing adoption of the OER they curate. LORs have struggled, however, to find sustainable business models for quality assurance, which previous studies have shown to be critical to predicting the success of a repository.

The literature review method used in this study was borrowed from Fink (2005) and Kitchenham (2004). During analysis, the researchers used synonyms for OER and LOR for identifying related studies, most of which addressed the last five years of research.

Findings suggest that while expert review might not be the most economic approach, it seems necessary to evaluating the “substance” of resources in a repository. Once a community is established enough, however, peer reviews and other user-generated collaborative quality assurance mechanisms may be trusted. Final recommendations formed what the researchers called the LOR quality approaches framework (LORQAF).


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