Fejes, A. (2008). What’s the use of Foucault in research on lifelong learning and post-compulsory education? A review of four academic journals. Studies In The Education Of Adults, 40(1), 7-23.


This article takes up discussions centered on uses of Foucault’s theories on governmentality, genealogy, power, knowledge, discipline, subjectivity, and so on in relation to lifelong learning and post-compulsory education. The researcher conducted a qualitative analysis of four academic journals’ related publications between 1999 and 2006, finding 56 articles in total.

Analyses focused on the different uses of Foucault in the articles, categorizing in response to questions about the type, form, and extent of which authors draw on Foucault’s theories. Though the researcher strongly believes that researchers might productively use Foucauldian analyses in studies of lifelong learning, the application of such theories is the literature studied often seemed superficial. And so there is room to play in using Foucault’s work as a primary interpretive strategy.


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