Jonathan Lashley


Jonathan Lashley

I’ve developed this WordPress site as both an aid to my own research as well as an open resource for other researchers to consult. The discursive stimuli funding this site’s content range from art and design to rhetoric and composition, and all inform my philosophical trappings as a doctoral student in Learning Sciences.

Specifically, my research focuses on interventions that inspire faculty/student agency in adopting, creating, and disseminating open educational resources (OER). Because related scholarship and trends are popping up constantly, site content will regularly evolve.


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 Art and Design Projects

Projects ranging from digital humanities inventions to freelance design work

Center for Career and Professional Development Archive

Clemson Online Archive

Connection Depot Archive

Connectivism Theory Fact Sheet

Digital Media and Learning Lab Redesign

Faceless You (2013)

Framing a Stranger South (2010)

How Sopho! (2013)

In SVG of Lost Time (2014)

Interactive Infographic: Information Processing (2016)

Local Joe Archive

Misc. Studio Art

Study/Assignment Interactive Rubric Templates


1826 Bistro


Occasionally, I publish work the traditional way

Forthcoming: OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians – Pacific University Press

“Cultivating Textbook Alternatives From the Ground Up: One Public University’s Sustainable Model for Open and Alternative Educational Resource Proliferation” – IRRODL, 2017

“The Chief Online Learning Officer: Roles, Competencies, and Trajectories” – Unbound, 2016

“To Writing Why Knot” – Enculturation, 2014

“Composing @play” – Clemson University via UMI publishing, 2011